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How Is the Business Running?
3 Things You Should Know

Meet Jackie

The Holistic Branding Revenue Strategist

A business and artisan entrepreneur taking the holistic business world by storm. Jackie brings a much-needed perspective to the natural cosmetic and herbal product industry. She empowers like-minded practitioners, and business owners with proven blueprints which include classes, books, coaching sessions and strategies to build brands no one will forget.

What I Specialize In

Locating Issues

Creating Strategies

Nurturing Ideas

Standard Operating



Employee Training


I know I can help you

1. Plant the Seed (Create)

2.Water the Crops (Set Goals & Implement)

3. Cultivate (Make Your Business Goals Come True)

Jackie, you are amazing. I don't know where I would be without you. You always are their to walk me through any business problems I have. I couldn't have done my business without you.

- Sabrina

I do not know how you do all of this and do it without getting stressed out. I struggled with just holding my business together before I met you. Now that you have came in and fixed everything in a fraction of the time it would take me. I finally have a smooth running business that is profitable.

- Amanda

There is some things I just don't like to do. Before I met you, I liked having my business, I made good money but I didn't realize I was leaving money on the table because my sloppy operations. You got my SOPs in order and man I am making money more than ever haha. 

- Aaron

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