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Is your company looking for a specific course or webinar series?

No need to keep dreaming about it, have Wildling Dreams Consulting create it for you.


The Problem

The industry is changing rapidly which has increased the demand for development tools. Companies are facing a new dilemma of crafting resources and materials to stay ahead of their industry plus teaching it to their employees or clientele.

Yes, there is a plethora of sources online, but that only gives more problems than solutions. You may see a presentation, webinar or course … but does it address your company's specific needs? You may ask, "What am I exactly paying for? Or “Will a company representative answer any questions in a timely manner? And “How long will it take to get everything set up?”​

Now more than ever, we have seen how important online courses and webinars for the development of skills among employees are. That's one of the few things the pandemic has made us realize: virtual spaces are indeed more relevant now for educational purposes!​


Wildling Dreams offers customized courses and webinars with a facilitator equipped to cater to your company-- your employees and clientele's needs.

We understand that merely searching for sources online would only give you confusing content and irrelevant information. We are here to take the stress out of the process.

It doesn't matter what time you would like to hold your webinars because we can create and facilitate for you day and night! Since we are experts on learning paradigm shifts in a variety of industries, we can guarantee that our presentations are 100% engaging for every learning style.

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Each class comes with a workbook.

Easy to follow

Perfect for notetaking

Visually appealing

Useful for organizing ideas

Containing skills development tools

We provide amazing
graphics too!

We have all been in some boring presentations. You don't have to worry about that with us. Boredom is not part of our course and webinar materials.
Fun, engaging presentation with graphic sparking engagement.



Digital Work Life





We do live presentations
with Q&A segments.

Our live presentations are packed with exciting moments to engage with the speakers and other participants through Q&A segments.
This way, it is guaranteed that our courses and webinars are:

Offering safe space for discussion

Taking into account the learning pace of each participant

Clarifying each concept and tool every step of the way

Equipping participants with needed skills and knowledge

We are quick in providing presentation materials!



Do you want to book Jackie for a presentation?

What do my clients tell about me?

Jackie Johnson definitely is a light in the dark... I highly recommend giving Jackie a call if you are just getting started or need to get refreshed, Jackie Johnson is the Business Strategist for the job!


-Tonikia L. Steans

She [Jackie] gives her heart, then gives more. Her authenticity is what you feel with any guidance given. Her consults aren't just appointments, they are client builder. Thank you. You were all in!


Jackie Johnson is a phenomenal coach and a phenomenal woman! She is encouraging, uplifting and insightful... Jackie is a TREASURE and I highly recommend Wildling Dreams Consulting.


-Tamara Wells

-Christine Norris

Always spreading light. Your [Jackie's] insight has helped my business grow authentically and I'm sure many more!


--Cassandra Lozandieu

As a start-up business owner, Jackie helped me a lot in empowering and strengthen me to build my brand. She is not just a coach, she sincerely cheer[s] me up and treats me as a friend.


Jackie has a heart of gold and a strong will and a desire to be a successful businesswoman. Jackie is 100% in favor to help promote other women in business... She loves to uplift people but makes savvy suggestions when necessary...



Jackie was such a delight to interview for the summit. She has so much experience and is a woman who definitely walk the talk... And she shares her personal stories as well as her experience from working with many business owners to help make the point about running a business that is for you.

-Monna Tang

-Bonny Goetz

-Adam Kawalec

Our Clients

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