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Build Your Communities Economy

Attract new business to your community

Equip your existing business with resources

Encourage business diversity

Increasing your revenue sources without increasing taxes

Ensure business owners know how to spend their CARES funds

How to Grow In Times of COVID-19

by Jackie Johhson



A business and artisan entrepreneur taking the business world by storm. They are eager and hungry for resources. You are in a great position right now. Do not just give business grant funding but teach them how to spend. Giving grant funds and forgivable loans are only effective if the business owners know how to re-investing the money back into their business properly.  Give them tools, classes, and workshops to give them. Show business owners how to keep their doors open and create a sustainable business model. Supplying the tools and resources provide both help build the economy and provide more tax revenue to your municipality. Remember a strong commercial core drives growth to community and tourism which all communities thrive off of.

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Providing Courses and Webinars to the Community

 Jackie Johnson, Course Creator & Facilitator

"EVERY community is trying to figure out ways to BUILD businesses, ATTRACT new developers and INCREASE tourism.


This all can be achieved by offering your community resources and course. These two things show businesses...

  • You care

  • You are listening to their needs

  • Your willingness to step in & render aid

  • Your willingness to support businesses in any way you can


What My Clients Say About Me

Jackie, you are amazing. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our business webinar series. I like your presentation style and how you engage with the participants. We are looking forward to you facilitating our Dream Builder programs next month,

- Lindsey

President of Clear Creek Economic Development

Jackie was a huge asset to GuestPrep in her time working with us. She played a pivotal role in growing our business in Denver from a standing start on a six figure annual revenue operation. Jackie has a fantastic work ethic, strong leadership skills and is a proven self-starter. A pleasure to work with.​


CEO & Founder Guestprep

Jackie was a wonderful manager who genuinely cared for her team! The store that she inherited was not an easy one and she brought a unifying expertise that helped build a more collaborative team! I always felt like I was working with Jackie and not for her; and that is a rare quality that she brings with her management style!

- Caitlyn

Former Employee to Registered Dietician Business Owner

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