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The Holistic Branding Strategist


Jackie Johnson has been immersed in just about every industry. From retail, hospitality, martial arts, marketing, and even politics. Her passion and values of faith, family, and service have landed her with 3 businesses of her own, helping other entrepreneurs build their brands and assisting non-profits in spreading their mission to the marketplace. Her diverse areas of expertise have made her a Holistic Brand Strategist, sharing her much-needed perspective with every place willing to hear her speak. She has facilitated over 50 public discussions, webinars, summits, and social media events. Her mission is to plant seeds of love, water peoples’ dreams with encouragement, and inspire others to have a positive impact on the world around them.



By age 19, managing multiple stores

CVS Pharmacy Assistant Training Store Manager. Specialized in New Store Set-Up, Inventory Management, and Store Relocations

Challenges: youngest team lead, most employees were 7+ years senior, felt like I had to prove myself, felt like I had to be the best (worked dawn till dusk). Paid off: received Associate of the Quarter for the whole Oklahoma City region, so ended on a high note.

By age 22, Regional Training Manager

Walgreens Pharmacy Training Manager

In Orange County, Worked in over 17 stores in 3-month timeframe. Specialized in New Store Set-Up, Inventory Management, Department Management and Employee Training

Challenges: started in OK and moved to CA and worked with Managers who had not been trained by experienced people so the depth/quality of training previously was lacking. So I had to re-train employees, fill in gaps where they were not properly trained… Demonstrate how it felt (good/bad) working for a giant corporation like WAL).

By age 24, heading a global martial arts membership team. 1st American Employee

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Start-Up Company

Specialized in client retention, customer relations, employee training and SOPs.

Challenges: language barrier (because I don’t speak Portuguese) and we had clients from all over the world (Brazil, Italy, US, Japan, Russia). Google Translate became my best friend - PROBLEM SOLVER, learned to take initiative. No one gave me language training, I had to figure out how to communicate across multiple cultures, cultural norms, and time zones and build client retention. There was no on-boarding training process of any kind and I had to create and develop that system so we could hire more American employees. 

By age 28, heading Client Relations, with Guest Prep in three cities nationwide (Austin, TX, Washington, DC, and Denver, CO). Specialized in client retention, marketing strategies, customer relations, employee training/scheduling, P&L, and SOPs.

GuestPrep, Operations Manager & Client Relationships Manager Denver, CO. Client Relationships Manager Austin, TX and Washington DC

Challenges: Going to a smaller startup had a more family feel and I got to learn ALL sides of a business because you have to wear more hats and fewer people are doing the work. Compared to the more limited scope of job experience one receives at a big corporation where you’re highly specialized in doing one thing well. Worked with really different demographics because of the cultural differences in these 3 cities and learned how to be successful in each market and meet their specific needs. 


By age 32, branching out on her own. 

Grew 3 Wildling Brands in less than 1 year

Wildling Botanicals | Wildling Herbs | Wildling Dream Consulting

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