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Meet Jackie

The Holistic Branding Strategist

By age 19, managing multiple stores

CVS Pharmacy Assistant Training Store Manager

Specialized in New Store Set-Up, Inventory Management and Store Relocations

Challenges: youngest team lead, most employees were 7+ years senior, felt like I had to prove myself, felt like I had to be the best (worked dawn till dusk). Payed off: received Associate of the Quarter for the whole Oklahoma City region, so ended on a high note.

By age 22, Regional Training Manager

Walgreens Pharmacy Training Manager

In Orange County, Worked in over 17 stores in 3-month timeframe

Specialized in New Store Set-Up, Inventory Management, Department Management and Employee Training

Challenges: started in OK and moved to CA and worked with Managers who had not been trained by experienced people so the depth/quality of training previously was lacking. So I had to re-train employees, fill in gaps where they were not properly trained… Demonstrate how it felt (good/bad) working for a giant corporation like WAL).

By age 24, heading a global martial arts membership team. 1st American Employee

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Start-Up Company

Specialized in client retention, customer relations, employee training and SOPs.

Challenges: language barrier (because I don’t speak Portugese) and we had clients from all over the world (Brazil, Italy, US, Japan, Russia). Google translate became my best friend - PROBLEM SOLVER, learned to take initiative. No one gave me language training, I had to figure out how to communicate across multiple cultures, cultural norms, time zones and build client retention. There was no on-boarding training process of any kind and I had to create and develop that system so we could hire more American employees. 

By age 28, heading Client Relations, with Guest Prep (explain who the client was: business hiring Guest Prep to do short term rental cleaning service) in three cities nation-wide (Austin, TX, Washington, DC, Denver, CO)

Specialized in client retention, marketing strategies, customer relations, employee training/scheduling, P&L and SOPs.


Operations Manager & Client Relationships Manager Denver, CO

Client Relationships Manager Austin, TX and Washington DC

Challenges: Going to a smaller startup had a more family feel and I got to learn ALL sides of a business because you have to wear more hats and there are less people doing the work. Compared to the more limited scope of job experience one receives at a big corporation where you’re highly specialized in doing one thing really well. Worked with really different demographics because of the cultural differences in these 3 cities and learning how to be successful in each market and meet their specific needs. 


By age 32, branching out on her own. 

Grew 3 Wildling Brands in less than 1 years

Wildling Botanicals 

Wildling Herbs

Wildling Dream Consulting

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