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Starting a new business can be hard.

You have so many questions.

You need someone to bounce ideas off of.

I got you covered. 

Get Clarity with Jackie Johnson


by Jackie Johnson

You are beautiful and wonderfully made. You don't have to figure out your business today or even next week. Starting your business is a process. You just need a little help getting your dreams started. Strategies, hiring, marketing or just want clarity.  If you feel stuck, you don't have to feel that way. Book a 15 minutes discovery call and leave the call with at least 3 tips. Let's get your business going in the right direction.


What I Can Help You With?

Getting Your Thoughts In Order

Getting a Firm Foundation Before Taking On Clients

Clarity in Your Vision

Creating Strategies

Giving You Support Along

the Way


I know I can help you

1. Plant the Seed (Create)

2.Water the Crops (Set Goals & Implement)

3. Cultivate (Make Your Business Goals Come True)

She is encouraging, uplifting and insightful. She is diligent, persistent and consistent. She is smart, intelligent and gives everyone she coaches and every project she works on HER BEST. She looks for ways to be a BLESSING to others and FINDS THEM.

- Christine

Clarity Coach

I do not know how you do all of this and do it without getting stressed out. I struggled with just holding my business together before I met you. Now that you have came in and fixed everything in a fraction of the time it would take me. I finally have a smooth running business that is profitable.

- Amanda

Restaurant Owner

Jackie has a heart of gold and a strong will and desire to be a successful business woman. Jackie is 100% in favor to help promote other women in business. She is that woman who will listen, really listen, to me (and others) when I am talking about my business. She loves to uplift people but makes savvy suggestions when necessary. She is killing it ... she is building her wealth one bit at a time and is constantly evolving her own brand. I continually learn from this motivated woman.

- Bonny


Let’s Get Started Making Your Dreams Reality

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